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Recent Projects:

  • Air Force, Maui Data Center
  • 1350 Ala Moana Condo
  • Tripler Army Medical Center
  • 3.2MW PGE Generator
  • USS Missouri

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Company Info

phone #: 503-694-2437
fax #: 503-694-6041


Certifications & Licenses

    Department of Energy, DCEP Certified (Data Center Energy Practitioner)

    LEED® Accredited Professionals

    Licensed in 17 states


Mailing Address

16869 SW 65th Ave, Suite 312
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


Physical Address:

10800 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062


Renewable Energy

// SOLAR //

?Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest Laboratories Battelle, New 126kW Solar Project & Electric Car Charging Stations
?East PDX Community Center Pool, New Community Swimming Pool Facility & 50kW PV System
?Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital, New 40kW Solar Project
?John Day Dam, New Oil Storage Facility & 15kW PV System
?U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, New 25kW PV System
?Metallion Industries, Phase One, New 30kW PV System
?Metallion Industries, Phase Two, New 45kW PV System
?Powell Butte Reservoir, Phase Two, New 10kW PV System
?City of Napa, New Parking Garage & 100kW PV System

?Eugene Water & Electric Board, New 100kW PV System
?Portland Parks and Recreation, New 30kW PV System
?City of Portland Water Bureau, New 25kW PV System
?Oregon Military Department, New 130kW PV System
?Rogers Machinery Company, New 200kW PV System
?Henningsen Cold Storage, New 200kW Solar Project
?Rosaurers Supermarkets, New 91kW PV System
?Factories Connection, New 50kW PV System
?Harris Thermal Solar, New 75kW PV System
?N2K Berry Farms, New 10kW PV System
?Bethel Heights, New 50kW PV System
?Solar Nation, Designed Over 15 Projects ranging from 30kW- 500kW
?Green River, 6MW Solar Plant (Confidential Client)
?Gus Solomon Federal Courthouse, New 25kW Solar Project
?Portland State University, New Solar Array, 15kW PV System
?Commercial Solar Ventures (Portland Water Bureau), New 269kW PV
?strong> City of Portland, Fire Station 18, New Fire Station Building & 3kW Solar Project

// OTHER //
?XRefinery? (biomass/coal), XFuels, Ontario, Canada
?Biogas - Olivera Chicken Farm, 1MW Power Plant
?Biogas - Gallow Dairy Farm, 1.3MW Power Plant
?Biogas - Maddox Farm, 4.0MW Power Plant
?Biogas - Ruann Farm, 2.5MW Power Plant
?Biogas - Koetsier Farm, 3.0MW Power Plant
?Biomass Plant in Colorado, 500kW
?strong> Summit Energy, Biodiesel Facility, 350 gal/d

Data Centers

? Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), 10 Air Force Bases
?Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Multiple Projects
?TriQuint Semiconductor, Multiple Projects
?Knowledge Learning Center
?Portland General Electric
?Level 3 Communications
? Dekalb Medical Center
?Washington County
?Infinity Internet
?State of Montana
?Hewlett Packard
?Verizon Wireless
?Rio Networks
?COWI - Larsen
?Morgan Stanley
?Lehman Brothers
?Opus Interactive
?Oregon Health & Science University
?A Large University in Stanford, CA
?National Institute of Health Library
?International Gaming Technology (IGT)
?US Navy, Bremerton Naval Supply Center
?Large Software Company in Redmond, WA (USA, Europe, & Asia)
?Large Semiconductor Company, Hillsboro OR (USA, Europe, & Asia)

Government & City

?GSA Mark Hatfield Courthouse
?GSA Garage Upgrade
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), 10 Air Force Bases
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Multiple Projects
?USDA Forest Service, McKenzie River Bunkhouse (ARRA)
?USDA Forest Service, Corvallis Remodel
?USDA Forest Service, Sand Lake
?USDA Forest Service, Anthony Lake
?Veterans Administration (VA), Multiple Projects
?Veterans Administration (VA) Building 16 Renovation
?Veterans Administration (VA) B226 Sterile Storage Room
?Veterans Administration (VA) Portland Generator Upgrade
?Veterans Administration (VA) Energy Conservation Measures
?Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic Atmospheric Association
?strong> City of Napa, Parking Garage and 100kW PV System
?City of Portland - Fire Station 18 3kW Solar Project
?City of Portland - CSO Westside (tunnels)
?City of Portland - CSO Eastside (tunnels)
?Washington County, Multiple Projects
?Department of Transportation (DOT)


?City of Portland - Power Distribution System for Tunnel Boring Machines - CSO Westside (tunnels)
?City of Portland - Power Distribution System for Tunnel Boring Machines - CSO Eastside (tunnels)
?Blue Plains Water District - Power Distribution System for Tunnel Boring Machines - Tunnels
?TriQuint Semiconductor, Over 700 Design Projects for Tool Installation/Facility Upgrade/Expansion
?Tokyo Electron, Over 20 Design Projects for Tool Installation/Facility Upgrade/Expansion
?Maxim, Over 25 Design Projects for Tool Installation/Facility Upgrade/Expansion
?Columbia Corporation, Metal Manufacturing Building
?Oregon Steel Mills, Upgrade to Electrical System
?Oregon Steel Mills, Upgrade to Melt Shop and Overhead Crain's
?American Steel, Upgrade to Melt Show and Overhead Crain's
?Quallium, New Process Manufacturing (Explosion Rated Facility)
?Toyo Ink, New Process Manufacturing (Explosion Rated Facility)
?Portland General Electric, New 900kVA UPS System for the Campus
?Portland General Electric, Upgraded (4) 4000 amp Main Electrical Service
?Portland General Electric, Upgrade for (2) 125HP Fire Pumps and Control Systems
?Portland General Electric, Replacement of (2) 900kW Emergency Generators to (3) 1250kW Emergency Generators
?Portland General Electric, Updated the 1.5 Million SF Campus Electrical System Documentation
?Portland General Electric, Electrical Power System Group Fault Study/Breaker Coordination Study/Arc-Flash Study
?Denton Plastics, New Recycling Plant
?Denton Plastics, Upgrade of Electrical to Power New Extruder System
?East County Recycling, Material Handling System for Crushers/Shredders/Sorters
?WR Grace, Designed Equipment Installation (Explosion Rated Facility)
?WR Grace, Designed New Manufacturing Plant (Explosion Rated Facility)
?CertainTeed, Hot Oil System for Roofing Plant
?Sekisui, New Plastic Plant
?Tmus, New Manufacturing Plant


?University of California Davis
?Portland State University
?Portland Public Schools
?Catlin Gabel School
?Silverton High School
?University of Oregon
?Southridge High School
?Hillsboro School District
?Oregon State University
?Lake Oswego High School
?Clackamas Community College
?Chemekata Community College
?University in Stanford, California
?Oregon Health and Sciences University
?Washington State University Vancouver Campus


Veterans Administration (VA), Building 16 Renovation
Veterans Administration (VA), Portland Generator Upgrade
Veterans Administration (VA), B226 Sterile Storage Room
Veterans Administration (VA), Energy Conservation Measures
Veterans Administration (VA), Multiple Projects
?Southwest Washington Medical
?Rogue Valley Medical Center
?Providence Medical Center
?Woodburn Pediatric Clinic
?Oregon State Hospital
?Dekalb Medical Center
?Grays Harbor Medical
?Kaiser Permanente


?Micro Systems Engineering
? TriQuint Semiconductor, Multiple Projects
? Large Semiconductor Company, Hillsboro OR (USA, Europe, & Asia)


?East River Fellowship Community Church
?strong> Willamette Christian Church
?Zoar Lutheran Church
?Sonrise Church
?Saint Peters

Assisted Living

?Beaverton Lodge Retirement Residence
?Green Acres
?strong> Avamere
?strong> Ocean View
?Convolessent Center


?Portland Meadows Race Track
?Wild Horse Resort & Casino
?Three Rivers Casino

Multi-Family Housing

?The Civic
?Benson Tower