Bradford started with advanced technology tool install and clean room design and added mechanical engineering services in 2008 to its tool kit. Field experienced mechanical engineers joined the Bradford team and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm.

With the experience Bradford engineers gained in diverse mechanical projects, Bradford provides a broad range of mechanical engineering services. Our professional engineers have proven our ability to design and complete small or large, simple or complex mechanical projects effectively and efficiently.

Comprehensive List

  • Tool Install
  • Utility & High Purity Piping
  • Progress Piping POC
  • Seismic Design and Support
  • Solvent Tank Install
  • Solvent Waste Lines
  • General Acid Waste Lines
  • Copper Bump Waste Lines
  • Small Scrubber Unit Install
  • DI water, pump Stations
  • UV Sterilizer Skid Stations
  • CAD Drawings
  • Evac Piping
  • Reclaim Water Skids/Tanks
  • Ultra Pure Water
  • PID Drawings
  • As-Built Field Verifications
  • Field Design Coordination

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Proper ventilation is the lung of your building and the key to employee productivity and health. Bradford provides the tools and skills to design the HVAC system to maximize occupant health while keeping operating and construction costs in control. Bradford has extensive experience in the design of facilities such as: Health Care, offices, laboratories, fume and hood exhaust, paint booths, retail sales, commercial buildings, restaurants, churches, schools, production facilities such as FedEX and Oregon steel mills, theaters and clean-rooms. Bradford’s engineers have designed all types of HVAC systems including: Boilers, chilled water, VAV, VVT, packaged units, cooling towers, CRAC systems, winery and pools.  Bradford uses Trane Trace 700 to model your facility to accurately determine the adequate amount of cooling/heating required for your location.

Piping and Controls

To make your HVAC system efficient or move your product, pipes and ducts convey the material.  Bradford utilizes the latest ASHRAE standards to provide designs that meet the industry standards. Bradford’s engineers design systems with the latest technology and controls available to make your systems work as they were intended. Using Building Information Management software, our piping and duct routes are combined with the building architectural plan to provide clean efficient routing that minimizes field conflicts and thus construction costs.  Bradford provides expert piping designs and specifications for the following: boilers, gasses (natural gas, chemical, air, refrigerant), domestic/heating/fire/cooling water, waste and vent, and exhausts systems. Not all gasses act like AIR, make sure your system is designed for your specific gravity.

Seismic Restraint

When a seismic event happens, you don’t want to have your equipment damaged. The building code established standards for calculating the restraint of equipment and pipes in buildings. Bradford Engineers are experts in designing these restraints and verifying there installation. Bradford can provide you with code compliant calculations to verify your equipment will meet the building code requirements.