Data and voice

Low Voltage Design

An important part to any building infrastructure is a properly designed low-voltage system.  Bradford has experience in providing Data / Voice Design Services for over the past 10 years for many High-Tech facilities around the United States.

A large portion of our work centers on Data Centers and Computer Room retrofit or Green Field construction. Greener more sustainable energy has become the trend and our goal is to help make our clients facility as sustainable as possible. It is important to look at the whole facility to see where changes can be made or incorporated into a design to make a more efficient use of the infrastructure. This creates a higher capacity server support center that runs more efficiently.  Each and every project is different and with the years of experience in dealing with these environments methods, we have gained proven methods that can be used to create the optimal environment and solution for our clients.

We provide services that will evaluate our client’s facilities, allowing us to fully model the equipment in the space.  This gives a clear picture of where a client is having cooling problems. This then provides us a roadmap to move forward for solutions to make our client’s facility more sustainable and have the most efficient cooling. 

Comprehensive List

  • Field Auditing Services
  • Cable Plant Design
  • Data Center Design & Engineering
  • Facility Requirements
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Migration Planning
  • Design Documentation
  • Consulting Services
  • Phasing Plans
  • Scheduling
  • Security
  • Communication Room Layout Design
  • Cable Pathways(conduit, wireway, cable tray)