We take pride in being able to assist our clients from the conceptual stage of a project through final acceptance. Offering these turnkey services allows the client consistency and control of quality that facilitate completing projects cost-effectively and efficiently.

Bradford staff provides cost estimating, contract administration and management, and quality reviews. To meet the logistic needs of personnel and equipment staging, Bradford carefully reviews information to identify schedule and access constraints and the suitability of equipment for the transportation available. We draw on problem-solving experience gained on hundreds of projects to avert delays, allow for contingencies, and prepare strategies that result in smooth mobilization and demobilization. Whether working in remote locations or in population centers, Bradford oversight on the job brings knowledge of safety, operational efficiency, and optimal staging that reduces project costs.

Constructions services include:
  • Construction of projects
  • Engineering field coordination
  • Contract coordination
  • Site inspections
  • Design build projects
  • Cost estimating
  • Site layout management
  • Construction quality control
    and inspection
  • Project tracking
  • Computerized scheduling