Loyalty, integrity, dedication, and innovative design are what drive Bradford Consulting Engineers in providing quality services to our clients. Bradford utilizes collaborative teamwork to provide resourceful solutions, as we are committed to our long-term philosophy of providing innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs.

Since Bradford Consulting Engineers started in 1999, the central belief is that we are here to make a difference for our clients, our personnel, and the community.

For our clients: to utilize a thoughtful and individualized approach to help each client meet their diverse needs and provide an innovative solution. We are mutually vested in the success of each and every project in order to help our client’s reach their full capacity.

For our personnel: to empower them with the ability and resources to work collaboratively with others and seek out the best solutions for individualized client needs. We are a competent unified team committed to providing consistent performance and support one another to reach our full potential.

For our community: to provide sustainable and sound design, but to give back to communities in which we work and live. This is accomplished in two ways. First by supporting local organizations. Secondly, by providing sustainable design solutions that will enhance our communities and ensure that we provide a better place for generations to come.