The primary purpose of commissioning (Cx) for MEP systems is to provide a means of quality control to an entire project from initial programming all the way through to owner training.  Ideally this is provided as an independent third-party service to the owner and is implemented at the earliest possible stage in the project.  However, services can be provided via the design and construction teams during later project stages with great success as well.  In general Cx services focus on:

  1. Documentation of project requirements and design basis.
  2. Stewardship of project requirements during design through review of design documents and specifications.
  3. Review of contractor bids and construction submittals
  4. Inspection of systems during construction, pre-functional testing, and startup.
  5. Functional testing of finshed systems.
  6. Review of O&M documentation and supervision of owner training.
  7. Management and documentation of entire process for reporting to project owner.

Properly implemented, Cx services will allow issues that arise during design and construction to be avoided or identified as early as possible; thus reducing costly project changes later.  Also, the inspections and review of installed systems during Cx will validate performance prior to training and turnover.  Bradford Engineers has the capability to provide any or all of the above services and will tailor our efforts to meet your Cx needs and budget.